The “Golden Bear” on Tiger: “… phenomenal … “


Any doubt about who is the “idiot” on the subject of Tiger Woods’ performance in the U.S. Open has been put to rest by no less an authority than Jack Nicklaus.

Golf’s all-time greatest … pending further development of the Woods legacy … was quoted in yet a third Chronicle (this one in August, Georgia, home of the Masters) as follows:

“In light of this week’s revelation about Tiger’s health, it makes his performance in the U.S. Open that much more phenomenal.  I have always said that the U.S. Open is the most difficult and complete examination of a golfer, and for him to persevere with a damaged knee and stress fracture is a testament not only to his ability, but his tremendously high level of competitiveness.”

Nicklaus also observed:

“To have a will as strong as that, I take my hat off to him.”

And thus we have, on the one hand, Gwen Knapp:  “Tiger Woods is an idiot” …

… and on the other, Jack Nicklaus:  Tiger Woods is “phenomenal”.

End of discussion.


For the complete AP article in the Augusta Chronicle, see:


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