There Oughta Be a Law


When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, New York, one of my favorite newspaper cartoons was “There Oughta Be a Law”, by Al Fagaly and Harry Shorten.  It was a take off (or knock off, if you will) of Jimmy Hatlo’s long-running cartoon, “They’ll Do It Every Time”.  So, with a “tip’o the hat” (as Jimmy used to say) to all three of those long ago cartoonists, I offer the following:

“There Oughta Be a Law”  …

… against unsolicited telephone sales calls anytime.  Not that I ever answer them anyway.

… absolutely prohibiting anyone calling on the phone before noon.  That’s just rude.

… against talking to your seatmate (me) on an airplane.  I have my earphones on and iPad open for a reason.

… banning uninvited proselytizing … about religion, politics or global warming.  No, I don’t want to be converted, enlightened or educated.

… prohibiting lame excuses for not having done what you were supposed to do.  As Nike would say, “Just Do It!”  And if you don’t, at least own your failure.

… against vacuous news “reporters” who can’t even read their teleprompters, much less understand the significance what they are reading.  TV news once was and should be all about the stories, not the pulchritude or masculinity of the “talent”.

… requiring that for every new law that is passed, an existing law of equal or greater length has to be repealed.  Many of them are obsolete, useless or just plain stupid, anyway, and wouldn’t be missed.

Which suggests a subject for another discussion — “There Oughta Not Be a Law”!


For the Wikipedia article on Jimmy Hatlo and “They’ll Do It Every Time”, see here:

An article which discusses both “They’ll Do It Every Time” and “There Oughta Be a Law” is here:


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