Cal Bears 2013 …

… you heard it first here …

… Cal’s football team will upset Northwestern in the season opener …

… if he doesn’t reinjure himself, running back Brendan Bigelow will be the Pac-12‘s leading rusher and will get Heisman Trophy consideration …

… Zach Kline will win and hold onto the starting QB job …

… Cal’s defense will rebound from last year’s difficulties and will help the Bears be competitive in most games, if not all, this year …

… contrary to the expectations of most “experts”, the Bears will win at least six games and will go bowling …

… the new Bears logo will be a hit …

Cal Bears 2013 Logo

Cal Bears 2013 Logo

… new head coach Sonny Dykes

Cal Bears Head Coach Sonny Dykes

Cal Bears Head Coach Sonny Dykes

… will win the Pac-12 Coach of the Year award …

… and will make us forget the disaster of 2012 …

… and Doug …

The Pessimist

The Pessimist

… The Pessimist … will disagree with most of what I’ve said here!

Go Bears Blue & Gold on Black


2 thoughts on “Cal Bears 2013 …

  1. cal will upset northwestern based on what? please explain yourself. you are a cal graduate or at least a fan. what logical reason do you have for your support in week 1? Zach Kline is the back up.

  2. Okay, I’m a 20+ year Cal fan (not a grad, but a Cal parent) and an optimist … and one of my predictions has already proved wrong … Zach Kline having been beaten out by Jared Goff, who will be the first true freshman ever to start at QB for Cal on opening day of a season. Nevertheless:

    The latest line has Northwestern favored by 10.5, but it is a road game for them, means more to Cal and the team should be significantly pumped for Coach Dykes.

    #1 son Douglas (1991-92 football team manager and pictured in the blog) & I attended the Ohio State game last year and saw in person what Brendan Bigelow can do, even against a Big Ten team that ultimately went undefeated. This year, the spread offense will open the running lanes for Bigs (and Daniel Lasko).

    Northwestern’s pass defense was its weak link last year, with breakdowns in the secondary being decisive in all three of their losses. The Wildcats tended to give up big plays, particularly late in games, a tendency which the Bear Raid offense can exploit.

    The key to the game will be the Bears defense, which must improve, particularly on third down and in the red zone, for the team to be successful. The switch to a base 4-3 should help, particularly if Chris McCain & Brennan Scarlett succeed in making the transition from LB to DE.

    The return of CB Stefan McClure should help shore up the secondary, which was all too often scorched last year.

    All in all, not an easy win for Cal, but well within the realm of reasonable possibility. And we (sons Douglas & Matt, my fiancee Candy & I) will be there in force, along with 50,000 or more other Cal fans, to provide support.


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