Remembering 9-11 …

9-11-01 was one of those days … everyone remembers where he or she was when first hearing the news … I was enroute from Mission Viejo to Los Angeles International Airport with Glenda Blake, as we were planning to fly to San Francisco Airport for a visit to Marin County …

… at first I thought it was an incident like the 1945 crash of an Army B-25 into the Empire State Building … an accident … likely to cause damage, but after which the building could be repaired …

… then we heard about the second plane hitting the South Tower of the World Trade Center and it became obvious that these were not accidents …

9-11-01 World Trade Center

9-11-01 World Trade Center

… with the airports closed, we turned around and went back to Glenda’s home … then drove to Marin a couple of days later …

9-11 Memorials

9-11 Memorials

… on March 3, 2012, I visited the World Trade Center Memorial with #1 son Doug and daughter Risa … one of the names engraved on the wall around the Memorial Pool is Brent James Woodall … Brent was a Cal football player and one of Doug’s friends when he was a manager for the 1991 team …

National 9/11 Memorial Visit -- 3-3-12

National 9/11 Memorial Visit — 3-3-12


The National 9/11 Memorial Website is here:


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