The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Cats Behind Bars

Russell Deasley has done it again with his Caturday Top Ten! My favorite is #4 — the look on his face would qualify him for a spot on The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook page:

Thanks again, Russell — I look forward to all of your Top Tens, but especially the Caturdays!



One of our cats, Frasier, was an escape artist who needed to be kept behind bars — when we adopted him in 2008, he promptly began to escape from the back yard, despite the prison like fencing I installed above the deck and the retaining wall.  When I finally figured out how he was doing it, I had to install some additional security measures:


Frasier's Escape Route


On one occasion, I caught him in the act of escaping:


Frasier Caught in the Act of Escaping


On another occasion, however, he got completely away and was gone for a couple of very worrisome days before turning up on his own:




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