Happy 15th Birthday Nano!

Happy 15th Birthday to Nano!


I am also happy to report that Nano appears to have fully recovered from her bout of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis that I blogged about here:


She remained sick for more than a week, suffering from both the HGE and a urinary tract infection. During this time, she was on three different meds and had to be fed special food.

Now she is pretty much back to her pre-HGE normal, albeit still otherwise suffering from the ailments of her advanced age (poor eyesight, hearing loss and difficulty making her way up and down stairs).

We have made two permanent changes in her diet — because of her incipient kidney problems, her primary food now is Hills prescription diet “k/d Canine” Renal Health canned food. She gets one-half can each in the morning and evening.

And for treats, her new favorite, grain-free “Yummy Chummies” Wild Alaska Salmon chunks.

Nano also says thanks and slobbery doggy kisses to all who expressed concern for her during her illness.

Nano -- 2010



All Photos in this blog Copyright Jim Reilly 2014


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