Goodbye, Little Guy …

It has been nearly a year since my last Three Dot post … and, sadly, this one is also motivated by the passing of one of our furry critters … Shadow.

Shadow Marin Humane Society 150602

We adopted Shadow almost three years ago, when he was 14 … and I blogged about him here:

And then again when he had been with us for a year:

Shadow’s health has been deteriorating for some time … starting last June when he began passing blood in his urine … most likely a result of bladder cancer. The bleeding cleared up after a month or so … but Shadow lost much of his zip and, in particular, could no longer make it up and down the stairs … and was no longer interested in running anywhere.

About ten days ago, the bloody urine returned … with some fairly large clots. Shadow was in obvious pain … was sleeping most of the time … and began to have trouble walking and even standing.

I took him to Bel Marin Animal Hospital today … and the vet told me that there was nothing she could do to improve his health or his quality of life … so I made that most difficult of decisions for our furry critters.

He did have one last feisty moment … when he was taken to the back of the clinic for installation of the intravenous catheter … after which I could hear him barking his dissent to the procedure.  Eventually, the vet came back and asked if she could sedate him so that they could install the catheter.  Oddly, this is the same thing that had to be done last time he had been groomed … a process which he always resisted by barking, squirming and even biting the groomer.

Once the catheter was inserted, the vet brought Shadow back to me … he was sedated, but I held him for a few minutes before giving her the go ahead.

After she confirmed that he had died, I asked to be left alone with him … I then turned him on his side … fluffed up one end of the blanket to raise his head … arranged him in his favorite sleeping position … wrapped him in the blanket … and cried over him for awhile.

Candy and I knew, of course, when we adopted him at age 14, that we probably wouldn’t have Shadow for very long. But, in his three years with us, he won our hearts … and watching his decline has been very difficult.

And now, sitting at my desk and writing this, it seems strange not to have him here with me … which is where he always wanted to be.

Goodbye, Little Guy … we are going to miss you very much.


Shadow 150630

DSCN3220 Shadow Sleeping cropped



Shadow Rainbow Bridge


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