A West Point classmate found and made me aware of a great article about what the author, Nathaniel Barr, calls Internet Bullshit. The article, which is worth reading in its entirety, is available here:

Donald Trump

What Barr has to say is so true … and is the essential motivation for many of my comments, both on Facebook and in my email correspondence, in which I debunk factually inaccurate comments, arguments and discussions by others.

The Barr article also inspired me to coin the term “inbush” to describe INternet BUllSHit, a term used for the first-time here.

Couple of notes:

Thanks to my friend Rich Estes for making me aware of the Barr article …

… and just want to make clear that it is total coincidence that my term for internet bullshit shares the last name of the worst president of my lifetime:


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