“Lest We Forget”

USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) “Lest We Forget”Remembering today The Lost 74 of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754), including my brother, BT3 Lawrence John Reilly Jr., lost at sea in the early morning hours of June 3, 1969, when the Evans was cut in half by the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne.


This great print of the USS Frank E. Evans on canvas is available from the eBay store of Great Naval Images LLC, through their websites http://www.navyboy63.com and http://www.greatnavalimages.com, or at this eBay auction (current as of today):



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Welcoming to our family, this little guy:

Shadow Marin Humane Society 150602Adopted today at the Marin Human Society … details in the two page info sheet reproduced below.

I just happened to be looking at the MHS website on Sunday … saw his page … and knew immediately that I wanted to meet him … and that, once I did, I would almost certainly want to bring him home.

Candy and I went to see him today … and, as expected, the little guy now has a new home … in fact, as I type this, he is snoozing on the chair next to mine in my home office.

Apparently, his previous owner … an older woman … could no longer care for him … and no one in her family was willing to take him in.

His name meeting Doug’s rule for dog names … two syllables, the second a vowel sound … and him having had it for so long … we decided not to rename him. So, welcome to our family, Shadow!

Shadow Marin Humane Society 150602 Info 1Shadow Marin Humane Society 150602 Info 2Three Dot … 108

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day is a day for remembering American military servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice. Sadly, of the 34 members of the extended Reilly-Douglas-Sayes-Davis families who have served in the military, we remember 3 of them today:

My younger brother, BT3 Lawrence John Reilly Jr. USN, was one of the 74 men lost in the sinking of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) on June 3, 1969.

BT3 Lawrence John Reilly Jr. USN … September 22, 1948 — June 3, 1969

The Evans was participating in a SEATO training exercise during a brief respite from gunline duties off the coast of Vietnam. My Dad, GMCM Lawrence John Reilly Sr. (USN Ret) was one of the survivors of the collision, barely escaping from the sinking front half of the ship.

I have blogged here several times on the efforts of the USS Frank E. Evans Association and others to have the names of The Lost 74 added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, thus far to no avail.


One of my father’s uncles, Stephen John Otten, fought with the US Army in Europe during World War I. He received a Purple Heart after being gassed and several years later died as a result of the injuries to his lungs.

Going back even further on my wife’s side of the family, one of her ancestors, John Calvin Busby, was killed in action during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. He was one of nine family members who fought in the Civil War, eight of them in the Confederate Army.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of either Stephen Otten or John Busby and do not know any of the details of their military service.

Today is also a day to remember two other groups of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice … The Lost 74 of the Frank E. Evans …

The Lost 74 of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD754) … Lost at Sea June 3, 1969

… and the 30 of my West Point classmates who were killed in Vietnam.

USMA Class of 1967 ... KIA Vietnam

On this Memorial Day, I salute all of these men … John, Stephen & Larry … The Lost 74 … and my 30 West Point classmates.

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Pepperdine University School of Law Class of 1975

Forty years ago today, I graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law, marking the start of my career as a California lawyer. Pepperdfine Univesity School of Law Diploma 750524 MediumBecause it was necessary for me to work full time while attending law school, I took most of my classes in the Pepperdine night school program … when I started in 1971, we attended classes in a small former commercial building on Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove, with each classroom in what had been a small store … while the law school administrative office and law library were located in a former office building across the street from the classrooms.

Night school meant taking a somewhat smaller class load each semester … but also taking four years to graduate, rather than the three years that full-time attendance required.

The summer before my third year, the law school moved to Anaheim, occupying what had been the Buzza-Cardoza warehouse and manufacturing facility … this was a definite improvement, but I graduated in May before the law school opened its new … and beautiful … campus on a hillside above Malibu. Pepperdine University School of Law campusIn part because I was the President of the Student Bar Association during my third year (1973-74) … Pepperdine University School of Law Student Bar Assocaition President Plaque 1973-74 High… I was fortunate to have had a close working relationship with the Dean of the law school, Charles F. Phillips. I also had several excellent professors, including James McGoldrick … about whom I wrote here …


… Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Vincent Dalsimer … and the District Attorney of Orange County, Cecil Hicks. Within a few minutes of the start of my first class in criminal law, I knew that I wanted to practice criminal law … and to work for Cecil as a deputy district attorney … a desire I was able to fulfill shortly after learning the following December that I had passed the California bar exam.

Despite working full time … and being active in the student bar association and the law school’s moot court competition … I managed to maintain a spot on the Dean’s Honor Roll …

Pepperdine University School of Law Dean's Honor Roll Certificate Academic Year 1972-73… to graduate cum laude (#3 in my class) … and to win five American Jurisprudence Awards for standing first in my class in the subjects of contracts, torts, constitutional law, conflict of laws and labor law. Pepperdine University School of Law American Jurisprudence Award Constitutional Law 1973Although my team finished 2nd in the 1975 Pepperdine Moot Court Competition, I received the Vincent J. Dalsimer Award as the Top Advocate in the competition … and was added to the Pepperdine team which competed in the 1975 Roger J. Traynor State Moot Court Competition.

Pepperdine University School of Law Roger J. Traynor California Moot Court Competition Certificate 1975My law school experience was, in some ways, very difficult, as it meant long hours and little free time, not even on weekends … but it was also an incredibly rewarding four years, during which I received a solid foundation for the profession I have practiced ever since.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Wishing all of the mothers in the combined and extended Reilly-Douglas-Sayes-Davis family a Happy Mother’s Day today. Sadly, since we last celebrated Mother’s Day, we lost two matriarchs of the family. Robin “Mimi” Sayes, mother of Thomas “Trey” Sayes, Candy Sayes Davis, Morgan Sayes and Summer Sayes Purvis, died peacefully while napping during the afternoon of October 16, 2014, at her home in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, at the age of 89. And Ruth Guzinski, mother of Sue Thomas and grandmother of Jeff Thomas, and Gary, Larry and Angela Reposa, died on March 1, 2015, also at the age of 89. So we’re remembering them today, along with the other mothers who are no longer with us … Marion Thomas Reilly, mother of myself, Larry Reilly Jr., Jerry Reilly, Luanne Reilly Oda and Suzie Reilly; Dorothy Hardy Douglas, mother of Sandy Douglas Reilly, Penny Douglas and Mike Douglas; and Sandy Reilly, mother of my children, Douglas Reilly, Matt Reilly, Larisa Reilly Thomas and Sean Reilly. We love and miss them all.


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Do You Believe in Miracles …


Over the years, there have been many great moments in sport …

… in college football, The Play (“The Bears Win, the Bears Win”)…

… in professional football, the Immaculate Reception and The Catch …

… giving a nod to Major League Baseball about which I otherwise don’t care … the historic home runs by Bobby Thomson, Bill Mazeroski and Kirk Gibson …

… and the Olympic triumphs of Billy Mills in the 1964 10,000 meters, Dave Wottle in the 1972 500 meters and the incomparable long jump by Bob Beamon in the 1968 Olympics …

… BUT …

… when it comes to great moments in sport, the greatest of all, in my opinion, occurred 35 years ago today …

The Miracle on Ice

… the 4-3 win by the U. S. Olympic Hockey team over the Russians …

… immortalized by the call of Al Michaels …

Do You Believe in MiraclesThe Russian hockey team came to the 1980 Olympics, held at Lake Placid, New York, as prohibitive gold medal favorites …

… they were, after all, a team of professionals in what was then supposed to be an amateur sport …

… supported full time by the Russian government.

The American team, on the other hand, was a collection of amateurs who were molded into a formidable opponent for the Russians by their hard-driving coach, Herb Brooks …

The Miracle on Herb Brooks CoachThe Americans and Russians met in one of the Olympic semi-final games on February 22, 1980 … and the Russians held a 3-2 lead going into the third period …

… the American team, however, rallied to tie the game at 3-3 …

… and then, with ten minutes to play, team captain Mike Eruzione scored what proved to be the game-winning goal.

The Miracle on Mike Eruzione Game Winning GoalOf course, that left the Russians lots of time … but a stubborn U.S. defense and the incomparable goal-tending of Jim Craig …

The Miracle on Goalie Jim Craig … turned away the Russians time and again … until there were just 11 seconds to play in the game …

… at which point Al Michaels …

Do You Believe in Miracles Al Michaels portrait… counted down the remaining time …

Do You Believe in Miracles Al Michaels… to the American victory.

The Miracle on Ice celebration with Herb BrooksThe Miracle on Ice celebrationOBIT BROOKSThe Miracle on Ice groupTwo days later, the Americans clinched the gold medal by defeating Finland 4-2.

Sports Illustrated celebrated the win over Russia with one of its most unusual ever covers …

The Miracle on Ice Sports Illustrated cover… it was headline news around the country …

The Miracle on Ice New York Daily News front page… became the stuff of books & a movie …

Do You Believe in Miracles book cover… and a legend which endures to this day.


Team Captain Mike EruzioneThe Miracle on Mike Eruzione Team CaptainGoalie Jim CraigThe Miracle on Goalie Jim Craig autographThe Gold Medal Winning 1980 U. S. Olympic Hockey TeamThe Miracle on Ice team photo______________________________________

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Blackjack, Card Counting & Chip Collecting …

Today is one of those personal anniversaries that means little to anyone other than me … but 23 years ago began both a brief adventure and a life-long passion …

… throughout late 1991 and early 1992, No. 1 son Doug & I studied up on how to play blackjack by counting cards … by February 22, 1992, we thought we were ready to give it a try …

… so, that day he & I and his friend & Cal roommate Brian Watkins headed to Reno, Nevada, to play some blackjack.

Reno The Biggest Little City in the World SignWe stayed at the Sundowner Hotel …

Sundowner Hotel… and played blackjack from the early evening until 6:00 the next morning … slept for a few hours … then went back for another session at the tables.

The experiment was not a rousing success … Doug managed to come out a bit ahead, but I lost just over $100 in 12 hours of total playing time … eventually, we made three more trips to Reno, Tahoe, Sparks & Carson City, but had mixed results and I ultimately ended up with a net loss … so much for the great blackjack card counting experiment.

Of greater significance to me was something else that happened during that first blackjack trip … we first played at Harrah’s …

Harrah's Reno… and I was fascinated by the chips they used to play the game … a lifetime collector of one thing or another, I instantly decided to start collecting casino chips … a hobby I have continued to this day.

The very first chip I ever collected was a Harrah’s $1 chip of a variety called PMSC … or plastic molded solid core … a chip produced by manufacturing a solid metal core then molding plastic around the core to finish the chip …

Harrah's $1 Yellow Brasscore… PMSC chips remain to this day my favorites, though casinos no longer use them.

During that first trip, I collected chips from each of the casinos we played at … Harrah’s, Fitzgerald’s, Sundowner, El Dorado, Flamingo, Circus Circus, Riverboat, Cal-Neva and Harrold’s …

… and once we returned home, I began to research casino chips and their history … which led me to discover The Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club …

CC&GTCC Logo New… which I not only joined, but of which I eventually became…

Life Member #3606-38.

LifeMemberMy collection rapidly expanded, thanks to both the CC & GTCC and eBay, both of which have been the source of hundreds of additions to my collection … a selection of which are reproduced below. _________________________________________________________

My favorite chip — used at an illegal casino operated in the Floridian Hotel in Miami, Florida, by mobster Al Capone.  Only four of these $1 chips are known to exist today.Floridian 1 with BlackLoose Caboose, Cripple Creek, Colorado, $5 house chip. Caboose5The Midnight Rose, Cripple Creek, Colorado, $100 chip issued in 2000 for the supposed start of the new millennium (of course, it wasn’t really, but hey it’s a great chip).  I got this one from my friend chip collecting friend Bob Orme.Midnight Rose Millennium $100Kursaal Oostende, Oostende, Belgium, gaming plaque.Kursaal Oostende 100.000I even managed to combine my new hobby with a previous hobby, collecting US Post Office First Day Covers.  This is a set of $5 chips issued by the Four Queens Casino in Las Vegas honoring the original 13 colonies, along with a First Day display card of Colonial Flags.Four Queens 13 State Set with Colonial Flag StampsI also have a small collection of silver strikes, special tokens issued by some casinos when slot machines still actually had tokens in them.  This is a set of four $10 silver strikes issued by The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, honoring America the Beautiful.  The larger strike in the middle is a $200 strike that is 3 1/2 inches in diameter.  To get one, you had to first collect 20 of the $10 chips, then exchange them for the $200 version (which obviously would not fit in any slot machine).Palms 2004 Silver StrikesAs an adjunct to my chip collection, I have collected decanters from some of my favorite casinos or which relate to particular chip collecting interests … this one is from the Bucket of Blood Casino in Virginia City, a wonderful old Northern Virginia silver-mining town that has fascinated me for years.Decanter Ezra Brooks Bucket of Blood Dead Wagon Right SideAnother decanter, which ties together collecting chips & playing golf.  This one is from a 1971 Invitational Golf Tournament held at the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.Decanter Jim Beam Sahara Invitational 1971 FrontSpeaking of golf, I also have several hundred casino logo golf balls.  This one is from the Carson Nugget Casino, Carson City, Nevada.Casino Logo Ball Carson Nugget Carson City NVEach year at the CC & GTCC convention, the club holds a poker tournament.  In 2001, I played, but did not do well.  I did watch the final table to see my friend Paul Sax (seat 5, back to camera) play.  Also watching, wearing a cowboy hat and looking down at the moment, is my friend Travis Lewin, who was a professor of law at Syracuse University School of Law.CC&GTCC 2001 Poker Scene JTRFinally, the chip collecting hobby innovated the use of individual chips as business cards and personal mementos.  This one is of my friend Archie Black, the founder of the CC & GTCC.  It is a Chipco (ceramic) chip issued by Chipco and the Fiesta Hotel & Casino.Archie99


For more information about the Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club, see the club website here:


The 2015 CC & GTCC convention will be held June 24-27… at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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300 Dots …

When I was a kid, one of my favorite candies was the boxed gum drops called DOTS, produced by Mason …

Dots Candy Box 1970's

Dots Candy & Box… though they, of course, have nothing to do with the dots of the ellipses which I use here in my Three Dot blog …

Dots Candy 2…of which this is the 100th … hence the blog title … 300 Dots

Dots Candy 3… I actually haven’t had any Dots in years …

…though writing about them tonight is making me think I’ll pick some up next time I’m at the store.

Dots Candy 1

President Obama’s Response …

… to my USS Frank E. Evans presentation …

USS Frank E. Evans President Obama Response postmarked 150209… strangely, it was postmarked in Rochester, NY …

USS Frank E. Evans President Obama Response postmarked 150209 envelope… and was actually just an acknowledgment of the gift of the signed copy of Louise Esola’s “American Boys” …

Slide3… it still remains to be seen if he is going to respond to the substance of the presentation and the request that he issue an executive order adding the names of The Lost 74 to the Vietnam Wall.

Put the Frank E. Evans Lost 74 on the Vietnam Wall …

… so, after my previous post on this subject:


… one of our cats climbed up on my desk and barfed all over the copy of “American Boys” that Louise Esola had inscribed for me to President Obama …

… necessitating that I have her send me another autographed copy for the president …

… and also necessitating that I revise my letter to him.

I did that on January 1st … put together a presentation booklet to send with it … sent the package certified mail … and it was delivered to the White House on January 20th …

… here is the complete presentation that I sent to President Obama:

Front Cover

Front Cover

Letter to President Obama -- Page 1

Letter to President Obama — Page 1

Letter to President Obama -- Page 2

Letter to President Obama — Page 2

Slide3Slide4Page 1 of PresentationPage 2 of PresentationPage 3 of PresentationPage 4 of PresentationPage 5 of PresentationPage 6 of PresentationPage 9 of PresentationPage 10 of PresentationPage 11 of PresentationPage 12 of PresentationPage 10 of PresentationPage 12 of PresentationPage 13 of PresentationPage 14 of PresentationPage 15 of PresentationSlide12Slide13Slide11Slide12Slide13Slide14

10K PR — 32:59.14 — 30 Years Ago Today …

… at the Piggy Bank 10K Run …

… in what I consider one of my two best road races ever …

… took 1st place in my age group (35-39), despite being one of the oldest runners in the group …

… and finished 4th overall in a time of 32:59.14 …

… at an average mile pace of 5:18.50 …

Jim Piggy Bank 10K Run PR Jan 1985… in addition to a nice plaque …

Piggy Bank 10K Run Placque 850127 corrected High… each age group winner was awarded … a ceramic Piggy Bank …

DSC_0084This race was self-deprecatingly sponsored by …

… the Brea Police Athletic League.

70th Anniversary!

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the wedding of my parents, Lawrence John Reilly Sr. and Marion Thomas Reilly.

It is a poignant day for Dad, as he has to remember the event without the love of his life, who has been gone for more than two years. Dad is now 90 and, despite some struggles with his own physical health, remains mentally alert.

From the 34 of us who wouldn’t be here without them, here’s to the best parents, grandparents and great-grandparents that anyone could ever hope for.


In 1814 we took a little trip…

Reblogging here something by my daughter Larisa Joy Reilly Thomas, posted today on her blog “Roots of Kinship”. Great little family story about one of my favorite songs from my teen years, which took on family significance far exceeding the musical quality of the song!

The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny HortonDespite its rather unusual subject matter, The Battle of New Orleans won the 1960 Grammy for Best Country & Western song and was 1959’s #1 song on the Billboard Top 100 — see:


Johnny Horton had several other hits with unlikely subjects, including “Sink the Bismarck”, about the British Navy’s efforts to sink the German battleship Bismarck in World War II; “Comanche”, about the horse Comanche, which was the sole survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and Custer’s Last Stand; and “North to Alaska”, about the 1896 Alaskan gold rush.

Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits AlbumSadly, Horton was killed in an automobile accident on November 5, 1960, near Milano, Texas. Like several others of my favorite singers (including Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and Eddie Cochran) he left us too soon.

Thanks, Kiddo, for this trip down memory lane!


Roots of Kinship

Battle of New OrleansBattle of New Orleans. By Edward Percy Moran. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons In 1959, Johnny Horton earned a number one hit on the Billboard Charts for the song The Battle of New Orleans.  Written by Jimmy Driftwood, it commemorates the victory of the United States over the British Army at the end of the War of 1812.1

Today, January 8, 2015, commemorates the 200th anniversary of the conclusion of the battle, fought from December 23, 1814 to January 8, 1815.  It was the last important battle of the War of 1812, occurring after the Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24, 1814 (but before the treaty was ratified by both governments in February 1815).2The Battle of New OrleansAll of this is to set the background of a song that played a significant role in my childhood.  When my father was overseas in the US…

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Thanksgiving 2014

We had our Thanksgiving Dinner this year at the Brick & Bottle in Corte Madera. Ten of us gathered there — Candy & I, Matt & Doug, Risa & Jeff, and four other members of Jeff’s family — his mom Sue Thomas, sister Angie Reposa, brother Larry Reposa and Larry’s wife Karen.

After dinner, the Reilly contingent went to Doug’s house to hang out with Rose Estrada (who had Thanksgiving dinner with her father) and their two critters, Diego and Rusty.


Put the Lost 74 on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Veterans Day 2014

Today is a day for honoring and remembering all of those who have served in our country’s military. In particular, of course, members of our own families. The following graphics honor all known veterans from the Reilly-Douglas and Sayes-Davis families, three of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in their service.


Cardiac Bears Outlast Buffaloes 59-56 in 2 OT …

Cal Kicker James Langford booted a 34 yard field goal yesterday in the game’s second overtime to give the Golden Bears a hard-fought and heart-thumping 59-56 win over the visiting Colorado Buffaloes  …

K James Langford Boots Game-Winning Field Goal in 2nd OT

K James Langford Boots Game-Winning Field Goal in 2nd OT

… it was the second week in a row that the Cal game was decided on its final play, coming on the heels of the heart-breaking 49-45 loss to
Arizona … the Bears improved to 3-1.

QB Jared Goff passed for 449 yards and 7 touchdowns …

QB Jared Goff Passed for 449 Yards and 7 Touchdowns

QB Jared Goff Passed for 449 Yards and 7 Touchdowns

… including a Cal record 92 yarder to RB Daniel Lasco and a 75 yard bomb to WR Stephen Anderson … the 92 yard pass play was the longest in Cal football history … Lasco also had 108 yards rushing on 18 carries to pace the Cal running game.

Daniel Lasco Sprints Toward Goal Line on 92 Yard Pass Reception

Daniel Lasco Sprints Toward Goal Line on 92 Yard Pass Reception

Despite giving up 629 yards and 39 first downs to the Buffs, the Cal defense came up big when really needed … Colorado had the ball first in the second overtime and moved to a first down and goal at the Cal 2 yard line … at which point the Bears defense came up with four straight stops to deny Colorado a score and set up Langford’s heroics.

Cal's Defense Stops Colorado on 4th & Goal from the 1 in 2nd OT

Cal’s Defense Stops Colorado on 4th & Goal from the 1 in 2nd OT

The Bears racked up 576 yards in total offense … 127 rushing and 449 passing … recorded 24 first downs … and came back from a  28-14 halftime deficit with 21 third quarter points.

The win broke a 15 game Pac-12 losing streak for the Bears … and marked Cal as one of the most improved team in college football this year.  For his performance, Goff was named the National Offensive Player of the Week.

Offensive Player of the Week Jared Goff Passing from his own Endzone.

Offensive Player of the Week Jared Goff Passing from his own Endzone

Cal plays the Washington State Cougars next Saturday in Pullman (7:30 pm pdt, TV on Pac-12 Network) … and returns home the following week to host the Washington Huskies (time TBA).

More game photos …

Cal Student Section Before the Game

Cal Student Section Before the Game

Cal Band Pregame Show

Cal Band Pregame Show

Cal Band Great!

Cal Band Great!

Daniel Lasco Hammers Out Some Tough 1st Quarter Yardage

Daniel Lasco Hammers Out Some Tough 1st Quarter Yardage

Bears on Pass Defense

Bears on Pass Defense

Cal Defense Brings Down Colorado's QB

Cal Defense Brings Down Colorado’s QB

Punter Cole Leininger Boots One

Punter Cole Leininger Boots One

Khalfani Muhammad Returns a Kickoff from the Endzone

Khalfani Muhammad Returns a Kickoff from the Endzone

Offensive Line Protecting Goff in the Pocket

Offensive Line Protecting Goff in the Pocket

Kicker James Langford Kicking Off

Kicker James Langford Kicking Off

Daniel Lasco Breaks Into the Open

Daniel Lasco Breaks Into the Open

Bears on Defense

Bears on Defense

Celebrating a Bears Touchdown

Celebrating a Bears Touchdown

WR Bryce Treggs Catches 25 Yard TD Pass in 1st OT

WR Bryce Treggs Catches 25 Yard TD Pass in 1st OT

Bears Win 59-56!

Bears Win 59-56!

All Photos in this blog Copyright 2014 Jim Reilly

Cal v. Colorado 140927 21 Cal FlagFor game stats and additional photos,see the official Cal Bears football website:



ESPN’s California Golden Bears Page at:


Bears Kabam Sac State …

The California Golden Bears played their first game on their newly designated home field …

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 3 Kabam Field North End Logo… this past Saturday … and recorded a solid 55-14 win over the visiting Sacramento State Hornets.

The victory enabled the 2014 Bears to double their 2013 win total … and gave them a 2-0 start for the first time since 2011.

Through a business association of Doug’s, Candy & I, and Doug & Matt, were privileged to watch the game from the Kabam sponsor’s suite …

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 54 The Kabam Suite… from which we had a great view of the game …

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 55 View from the Kabam Box… and enjoyed the hospitality of both the stadium staff and the Kabam folks in attendance.

The Bears racked up 579 yards in total offense … 253 rushing and 326 passing … recorded 26 first downs … and blew the game open early with 28 first quarter points.

At the end of the first quarter, the University recognized the Kabam Field sponsorship with an onfield ceremony …

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 49 Kabam Presentation After 1st Quarter at Kabam North End Logo 8… and presentation of a framed Cal No. 1 jersey.

With the game well in hand, three Bears QBs saw playing time …

QB Jared Goff Passing

QB Jared Goff Passing

#2 QB Luke Rubenzer runs in for a TD

#2 QB Luke Rubenzer runs in for a TD

#3 QB Austin Hinder Passing

#3 QB Austin Hinder Passing

The 55 points on offense was Cal’s highest scoring output since they scored 63 against Presbyterian at AT&T Park in 2011 … and the 14 point defensive effort was the Bears’ best since they held Oregon State to 6 points, also in 2011.

Cal has a week 3 bye, then travels to Tucson on Saturday, September 20th, for a 7:00 pm game against the Arizona Wildcats.

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 1 California Banner East Side of StadiumPremier Partnerships worked on behalf of Cal Athletics to locate a naming partner … which led to the agreement with Kabam, Inc., and the sponsorship of Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium.

Kabam Field Presentation

Kabam Field Presentation

Left to Right:

Bob Lalanne – UC Vice Chancellor of Real Estate (Cal ’78) …

Solly Fulp – Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director of Cal Athletics …

H. Michael Williams – Interim Athletic Director (Cal ’82 and Cal Bears wrestler) …

Kevin Chou – co-founder and CEO of Kabam (Cal ’02) …

Holly Liu – co-founder and Chief of Staff of Kabam (Cal ’03) …

Chris Carvalho – Kabam Executive Advisor & former COO …

Jeff Marks – Managing Director of Premier Partnerships (Cal ’94) …

and Jesse Ryback – Premier Partnerships Director of Business Partnerships.

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 4 Band and North End Kabam LogoCal v. Sacramento State 140906 5 Band on Kabam North End LogoCal v. Sacramento State 140906 6 Band on Kabam South End LogoCal Band Great!

Cal v. Sacramento State 140906 7 Band on Cal LogoCal v. Sacramento State 140906 8 Golden Bear Entry to FieldGolden Bears Take the Field

Golden Bears on Offense 1st Quarter

Golden Bears on Offense 1st Quarter

WRs Chris Harper & Bryce Treggs Line Up

WRs Chris Harper & Bryce Treggs Line Up

WR Darius Powe Scores on a 60 yard TD Pass

WR Darius Powe Scores on a 60 yard TD Pass

Cal Bears on Offense

Cal Bears on Offense

QB Jared Goff Going Deep

QB Jared Goff Going Deep

RB Khalfani Muhammad Runs Toward the Goal Line

RB Khalfani Muhammad Runs Toward the Goal Line

Game Action on Kabam Logo

Game Action on Kabam Logo

K James Langford Lines up for 2nd Quarter 33 Yard Field Goal

K James Langford Lines up for 2nd Quarter 33 Yard Field Goal

Cal Band Halftime Show

Cal Band Halftime Show

Matt & Doug Reilly and Candy Davis in the Kabam Suite

Matt & Doug Reilly and Candy Davis in the Kabam Suite

QB Jared Goff Passing in the 3rd Quarter

QB Jared Goff Passing in the 3rd Quarter

Bears final Kabam on TD Catch by WR Chris Harper

Bears final Kabam on TD Catch by WR Chris Harper

Kabam Logo on South End Scoreboard at Start of 4th Quarter

Kabam Logo on South End Scoreboard at Start of 4th Quarter

Watching the Game from the Kabam Suite

Watching the Game from the Kabam Suite

One of Only 2 Punts in the Game by Cal P Cole Leininger

One of Only 2 Punts in the Game by Cal P Cole Leininger

Kabam Logos on Student Section

Kabam Logos on Student Section

Bears Win 55-14

Bears Win 55-14

Cal Bear Paw LogoFor game stats and additional photos,see the official Cal Bears football website: