One Year of <2000 Calories/Day

A year ago today, I weighed 175.1 pounds and decided that it was time to lose some weight.  So, I devised a very simple “diet” … which is to say, eat as much as I want of whatever I want, but remain … with one exception briefly discussed below … under 2000 calories for the day.

I have been counting calories every day for more than 10 years, so that part was easy … not so easy … at least on some days … was staying under 2000.

During the year, I had some days during which I got close to 2000 as early as mid-afternoon … and had to go the rest of the day without eating anything.

Other days, I got close to 2000 … as close as 1999 … by carefully counting out late-night treats of well-defined calorie content … such as Jelly Bellies … to get within a few calories of 2000.

The exception to the daily drill mentioned above is that I also decided to start running again …Old Guy Running… which I did on February 9th … a subject I’ll discuss in detail in another blog down the road.

Running takes extra calories … which I consider “bonus” calories for my daily limit … so, however many calories I use running … as indicated in my RunGo program … get added to my daily limit.  I subtract them from my daily calorie total and the remainder must then be less than 2000.

So, this morning … after 365 days of eating less than 2000 calories a day … I weighed 146.6 pounds … down 28.5 pounds from my weight one year ago today.

Three Dot … 132