Happy 48th Birthday Larry III …

… my nephew, Lawrence John Reilly III, turns 48 today.

Larry is the first-born of the next generation of Reillys …Slide1

… and is the namesake of my younger brother Lawrence John Reilly Jr., one of The Lost 74 of the USS Frank E. Evans … and my Dad, Lawrence John Reilly Sr.Slide2

My favorite picture of Larry as a child is this one I took in 1969 … when he was a “mascot” of the Costa Mesa High School football team.Larry 3d Costa Mesa Mustangs 1969 corrected Maximum

My brother Jerry played for the Mustangs at the time … and Larry later played for them when he was in high school.

Larry’s Facebook page:



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Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day is a day for remembering American military servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice. Sadly, of the 34 members of the extended Reilly-Douglas-Sayes-Davis families who have served in the military, we remember 3 of them today:

My younger brother, BT3 Lawrence John Reilly Jr. USN, was one of the 74 men lost in the sinking of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) on June 3, 1969.

BT3 Lawrence John Reilly Jr. USN … September 22, 1948 — June 3, 1969

The Evans was participating in a SEATO training exercise during a brief respite from gunline duties off the coast of Vietnam. My Dad, GMCM Lawrence John Reilly Sr. (USN Ret) was one of the survivors of the collision, barely escaping from the sinking front half of the ship.

I have blogged here several times on the efforts of the USS Frank E. Evans Association and others to have the names of The Lost 74 added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, thus far to no avail.


One of my father’s uncles, Stephen John Otten, fought with the US Army in Europe during World War I. He received a Purple Heart after being gassed and several years later died as a result of the injuries to his lungs.

Going back even further on my wife’s side of the family, one of her ancestors, John Calvin Busby, was killed in action during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. He was one of nine family members who fought in the Civil War, eight of them in the Confederate Army.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of either Stephen Otten or John Busby and do not know any of the details of their military service.

Today is also a day to remember two other groups of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice … The Lost 74 of the Frank E. Evans …

The Lost 74 of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD754) … Lost at Sea June 3, 1969

… and the 30 of my West Point classmates who were killed in Vietnam.

USMA Class of 1967 ... KIA Vietnam

On this Memorial Day, I salute all of these men … John, Stephen & Larry … The Lost 74 … and my 30 West Point classmates.

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Put the Lost 74 on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


USS Frank E. Evans Reunion …

This weekend, the USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) reunion was held in Virginia Beach.  I was not able to attend, but my Dad — one of the survivors of the 1969 sinking of the ship — was there.

The Virginian-Pilot ran a front page story about  the reunion, which included a photo of my Dad.

USS Frank E. Evans Reunion Virginian-Pilot Front Page 130928 cropped

The online version of the article and several photos from the reunion can be seen here:


They are also linked in a post on my Facebook page here:


Freelance writer and author Louise Esola, who is writing a book about the Evans and who is a strong supporter of efforts to have the names of the lost sailors added to the Vietnam Wall, also attended the reunion and posted several comments on her Facebook page:

Louise Esola

Louise Esola


For more information about the Evans, see the USS Frank E. Evans Association website:

USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754)

USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754)



Other websites with information of interest about the Evans:

Lost at Sea Memorials article about the Evans:


Article re Sage family from the Lincoln Journal Star:

Sage Brothers Memorial, Niobrara, Nebraska

Sage Brothers Memorial, Niobrara, Nebraska


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