Which City Should You Live In …

So, today I took one of those online personality tests on QUIZONY.COM …

… and, as usual, was frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t given more choices …

… such as “None of the Above”, “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me” and “Don’t be Ridiculous”.

Nevertheless, I finished the quiz, with the result that I should apparently live in London, England:

Slide1Not a chance, of course, but I couldn’t help wondering what the result would have been had I been able to choose answers that I actually liked.

So, I added to the quiz my preferred responses … knowing that there is no way to score the quiz this way, of course, I will never know the answer … but it was fun working on this.

Here is the quiz the way it would look if it included my preferred responses:

Slide2Slide3Slide4You can take the quiz yourself here:


I also wonder how many other cities come up in the results … there are 19,683 possible combinations of 9 questions with 3 answers each … 3 to the 9th power … though I have my doubts whether quizony went to the trouble of creating that many possible outcomes!

———- ooo ———-

Update May 1, 2014:

My daughter Risa posted a comment on Facebook about this quiz:

The answer is “You Should Live in Buford, Wyoming”.

Which prompted me to add one more question to the quiz …

Weather Question… with the observation, “I don’t think so.”  😉